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Looking for a hiking partner for mon

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Looking for a hiking partner for mon

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The mileage I calculated from the "old interactive flash map", and it appears to be roughly 49 miles. I stared at mile 79 and went to mile Was not able to have my Lookkng on the whole time because it is pargner very battery efficient, and I did not bring enough batteries. I was hiking with my dog, Dre, who did well on the 10 mile days, but not so well on the 15 mile days.

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He was draging a little today due to the mileage. Looked like rain.

We looked at the topos and came fir a consensus on my location, about where I thought I was. Needed water bad after all the ridge hiking that day.

Ending a journey of 3, miles | adventure |

I was hiking with my dog, Dre, who did well on the 10 mile days, but not so well on the 15 mile days. Feet a little more sore. Least favorite part: road hiking. Took a little break near the pinch'em tight trail for lunch.

Looking for hiking partner for mon 7/26 day hike - whitneyzone message board

Wet afternoon; dinner in a rock pagtner waiting for rain to lighten. It was sweet, one of my best detours to tell the truth. The rain cleared most people out, which was nice.

But anyways, made it to Natural Bridge area before I began to see any one. Pressed on to the Natural arch to camp for the night. Made camp at the valley bottom where the streams intersect.

About 15 miles Overall a great trip. Trail off of could be a little bit easier to access, but well marked. Lunch north of Sulfur springs horse camp.

I would recommend it to anyone looking for a scenic week long hike. Day 1: Started out about noon, a few miles south of Natural bridge. I lingered to wait for the rain to lighten up.

Was not able to have my GPS on the whole time because it is not very battery efficient, and I did not bring enough batteries. My buddy picked me up where the trail comes out on More on that. Most favorite: smoking with the old man, and swimming in the swim holes.

For 15 years, my dog, finn, was a hiking partner

Long morning hike uphill after that. Saw some people on the trail between there and Glady Creek.

Dry feet and determination encouraged me to hike the section from niking dam to Hwy 60, instead of walking along to meet my ride. Ended up on a road, saying to myself, "this isn't right".

Want a hiking partner! - oregon hikers

Refilled water at clear creek. Note: Picture order is opposite of chronological.

As I was descending to the lodging area, I dropped my phone off of the side of a steep hill, which I needed to make a lartner when I got off of the trail and the battery fell out on impact, not cool. Pleasant conversation. That is one of my favorite places in the Gorge.

Lost the back cover though. It would be nice to see this section off trail rerouted from the road. Hoping to attach pictures from my phone that I was able to take with the phone's picture timer function.

But i was able to find the phone and battery, which was a relief. Lunch break soon after I left Was hoping to make it to clear creek, but rain slowed me a little bit. Hiked to the nice overlook where Indian Staircase is pooking forget the name Made a little camp fire, and relaxed it a waist deep hole in the stream.

Slightly confusing intersection a little south of Sulfur springs where one trail goes to look out, another goes around front of hillbut I chose right. Descended to rain in the valley, made it to the jumping rock near the suspension bridge, and decided to swim for a little bit and make camp.