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Babes diary

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Babes diary

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Nigeria schoolgirl kidnappings One of the Chibok girls freed in May has been telling journalist Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani how a diary was kept of some of her three years in captivity with Boko Haram Islamist militants. One of the oldest in her class, Naomi Adamu was 24 when she and more than mainly Christian students were taken off into Babss Haram's Sambisa forest hideout in north-eastern Nigeria insparking global outrage.

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They told some to stand and some to kneel and some to sit so they [filmed] us and told us to read. After considering a of gory options, they decided to take the girls with them.

If we take them to [Abubakar] Shekau [Boko Haram's leader], he will know what to do. We were slaves.

bages But we that they give us hijab is that they don't want to see our body, which will make them to sin and do what is very bad. It is not clear what piece of machinery they wanted - there had been some construction work at the school a few weeks earlier, so it may have been the machine used for moulding cement blocks, which can also diaryy used for constructing crude weapons, or they may have been after an engine block from a vehicle. It is not petrol, it is water.

So they said to them that they should stay [in] one place, that if they jump down again, if they saw her or any they will shoot her. Another person said no, that let us stay together. In September, the government sent them to study at the American University of Nigeria in the north-eastern town of Yola.

They said that cassette is from their master Mr Abubakar Shekau Here are 10 of the many disclosures. As they finished listening to the radio, they called diarry one by one. Main diarists: Naomi Adamu and Sarah Samuel Rhoda Peter, Saratu Ayuba and Margaret Yama made smaller contributions Four of them were freed in Mayafter negotiations Sarah Samuel agreed to marry a militant last year and remains in captivity On their way to Boko Haram's forest hideout, when some students began escaping by jumping off the trucks, one of the kidnapped girls alerted baves abductors - perhaps out of fear of being left alone, or a propensity to obey whoever is in authority, or the desire to have company in misery.

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We are going to burn you Let's lead them They gave us 30 minutes to give them their answer but we kept quiet. How will she get married - after all her mother and her father and her aunties and the rest of her colleagues, they don't even know… Then she asked him, if she says no - that she will not get married, she will only stay and follow her God alone, is it not good?

Those who agreed to convert then blamed the girls who refused for their continued captivity. Then he said, 'No, it is bad. So he told us to stay aside - that they are going to arrange another place for them. None of those who got married have been released so far. More about Chibok:. They tell us to marry and if you refuse, they will beat you. They called them one by one and asked them about their name and the name of their parents and then they [film us] and said, 'Did we hurt you in any way.

One for the diary: robin hood and the babes in the wood | the scarborough news

So, the people asked them, 'Who are you and where did you come from? While in captivity, the girls were given exercise books for the Koranic classes they were made to attend.

So [they said], 'The rest that remain you want to die, is that why you don't want to be Muslim? But some of the girls used these to keep secret diaries. Her father, Samuel Yaga, told me that he was not surprised to learn that his oldest child wrote while in captivity. So one small boy said that they should burn us all and they said, 'No let us take them with us to Sambisa. Sometimes, she fell asleep with a book in her lap," he said. So those people arrested them.

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When the militants found out, they were forced to burn the books. They tried to escape but they couldn't. Then Malam Abba [one of the militants] said those that who did not accept Muslim religion, they should ciary on one side, let them not enter into those who have become Muslim. Then they came asking for those who want to get married. Some girls were also taken as official concubines.

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Some spelling and punctuation have been altered for clarity: 1 Kidnap was not the plan The militants who attacked the Chibok school on 14 April had come with the intention doary stealing an "engine block", the diary notes. So he said that just because of they kidnapped us to come nabes teach us the way of God, then your parents and the government and your principal are crying to us and saying that we are raping you and are doing bad, bad things to you… We brought you to teach you the way of Allah.

Up till now, I'm still thinking about her. The government and our parents are saying that they are raping us and disturbing us.

One for the diary: robin hood and the babes in the wood

The way they arrested them was they entered into a shop and asked them to help them and give them water and biscuit. On the last of one notebook, she had listed the names of her five siblings, ending with: "My father's name is Samuel and my mother's name is Rebecca. As they brought them to Sambisa at night, they babds them and said that they are going to cut off their necks.

The group's leader, Abubakar Shekau, ranted about this a of times, first in a recorded message that was played to the girls. Then they said, 'Who and how many of you will turn to Muslim. They asked us and said anybody who accepts Muslim religion… must get married if truly she holds the religion with two hands.

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On one occasion, they separated the Christian girls from those who were Muslim and threatened to burn those who would not convert to Islam with petrol. Ms Adamu managed to hide hers. This is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of one of them.

But when it could not be found, they argued over what to do with the students they had gathered in groups. Then she said, 'No.

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Who wrote the diaries? We will wash cloth, fetch water, do everything for their wives. She and her close friend, Sarah Samuel, now 20, and three other girls used the books to chronicle some of their experiences. As they left, one week later, the rest of us said that we that did babe become Muslim, we are those who are stopping ourselves from going home. Ms Adamu, the second of seven children, said she kept the diaries with only her family in mind, and seems baffled by my interest.