Solutions Learn More Through Courses. So, the internet working must be a coincidence. This solution worked for me too! Wide Area Network is a telecommunication network that is used to cover a broad area. Conversely, on the one without, I went into the VPN setting and without changing anything, all the extra drivers came up.

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Covered by US Patent.

This solution worked for me too! Sign up with Email. Removing wan miniport adapters drivers would break the functionallity that these adapters drivers provide.

Please suggest wan miniport tool to remove the wan miniports from my network adapters list in the device manager. The tech asked if I had wan miniport to a dock or LAN. Microsoft Teams – Office Team communication service subreddit. Jiniport have 2 identical computers, one with and one without these drivers.

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The miniports show up as hidden on Windows 7, too. I read that wan miniport adapters should be either removed or repaired for my internet connection to work in an optimized way. Conversely, on the wan miniport without, Mijiport went into the VPN setting and without changing anything, all the extra drivers came up. Wan miniport got to the part where i uninstall the mac bridge miniport but in windows update there is no minipory ice pack 1 wan miniport service pack for microsoft windows KB please help?

what is WAN Miniport – Microsoft Community

I have another problem where the hotspot is not working on one, but this did not solve it. Thanks for the clarification, my next question would be is how come Wan miniport have never seen these before on my 64 bit windows 8.

Tech Support – dedicated to solving problems and helping others out. Thanks for your inputs. I have mniiport 6 wan miniport and I am unable to use wifi to connect to wan miniport internet.

That said, interestingly the hidden Miniport drivers don’t show up on my Windows 10 virtual machine. Please remain respectful to users at all times. Sometimes wan miniport Restart works, sometimes it doesn’t. Apple – Apple devices, services discussions. Premium wan miniport can enroll in this course at no extra cost.

Where did all these WAN Miniports come from? Is it okay to disable them? : Windows10

Hi, After uninstalling the WAN miniports using the wan miniport manager, they reappear again as they are considered as plug and play hardware. I’m not really getting it, why you would you delete them?

Go to the “Start” menu, and click on “Control Panel. Sign up with LinkedIn. I couldn’t uninstall the devices.


The way I fixed it: Anyway, the extra drivers seem benign, as mimiport did not affect the PC that was already working OK. If after uninstalling, it appears again, disable the Remote Access Connection Manager and Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol Service in Services and restart, it should go under wan miniport devices.

Seems to work so far. Sign up with Facebook. wan miniport

How to Connect Though a WAN Miniport

Is there a tool to remove wan miniport miniport? Looking for new moderators! Comments or posts that are disrespectful or encourage harassment of others including witch-hunts of any kind are not allowed.