Hope u are cool now. ZERO Monthly service charges: Did any one think how much we are poor and backward to other countries?? I returned it because I found out the same solution much cheaper from other supplier around instead of per month. Check the video http:

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PTCL rewards broadband customers with free EVO dongle

Plz Cool Down I think have some virus in your System that creates problem. By the way, we received good response from all areas of major cities, in terms of reception. I just buy ptcl EVO 3. One thing PTCL did deliver on was their promise that if not satisfied I can return the device within 15 days and get a refund.

From where i can collect detail information about it. Additional Usage at Rs. The service is acceptable but not fast as claimed by the company no way near 3Mbps…not even 1mbps. Refund will be provided in weeks time. Is it also available with USB Pin.

Subscribers who exhaust their usg within 30 days and wish to refresh their package may do so by following the steps below: The volume of postpaid packages is refreshed automatically on the 1 st of every calendar month.

Anybody can help me. Speed of Ptcl Evdo. Can I purchase it myself?

But I did not return the USB because of performance alone. EVDO offers 3G access to broadband and will make you able to download and upload your contents easily on the go.

I gave their pcmcia card a go back in the early days. They are much danger than robbers because robber show us guns and get amount and that companies make fool and play with us and got amount its a cheating.

Volume as per your current package is instantaneously provided with 30 days validity. I improve my Experience in next reply.

EVO 3.1 Mbps

This is the problem of PTCL they say things they cannot deliver. Is there any wici for it? I returned it because I found out the same solution much cheaper from other supplier around instead of per month. PTCL coverage network throughout Pakistan.

As after, telecom paradigm of Pakistan shifted to new dimension and market has been fledged with massive telecommunication devices. I am happy with their service, however there are times when it is constantly disconnecting. From next month onwards, Rs. Is there anyway that i can connect cisco vpn client software with ptcl evdo or with worldcall evdo?

PTCL Online Shop

PK – All rights reserved. Well its good but ptcl line conection is very low coast rate 1 mb dowload speed. Here in our Wonderful Country all company invest money for IT and Cell phone services all just take money they did not gives us return. Okay guys now since i ptfl propakistani as a platform to provide facts, here I am again: I called on help line but no operator and no help.

If you use donglee for only one hour; it would go too hot to even carry in hands.

Please dont go for this. Not only this the same product is available from ufone at a much cheaper price. This is an obsolete service that has been discontinued.