The pad had very little friction, and navigating the desktop didn’t require much backtracking. Otherwise, ASUS did an exceptional job keeping this oversized netbook sleek and lightweight. While audio was smooth and steady, video would stutter and freeze constantly. We tried boosting the low screen brightness with the Eeectl tool. But despite the inevitable increase in size and weight, the Eee PC HA is still focused on portability above all else.

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Asus Eee PC HA Seashell Specs – CNET

You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. Since there is no locking mechanism, when carrying the notebook around it is advisable to use the protective case that comes with it, to prevent any objects from getting into the asus eee pc 1101ha between the keyboard and the screen. This is confirmed with a glance at the hardware: Prospero asus eee pc 1101ha overseen reviews on Laptopmag. Unfortunately they fail to prevent it from wobbling noticeably when it is adjusted.

There’s no upgrade panel for the hard asys, though intrepid users may be able to access it by removing the keyboard. The way the ports have been arranged is also fine.


But there are a handful of them that are considered exceptions to the rules handed down by Wintel. Fastest Mobile Networks To see howAsus fared in our annual tech support showdown, click here. Vertical viewing angles are average, with some color distortion when viewing from below and over-exposed colors when viewed from above. The ports are well positioned for right-handed people Once again, the IdeaPad S12 still leads the way with a asus eee pc 1101ha rate of However, streaming a p-resolution episode of 21 Jump Street from Hulu was slightly choppy at full screen, which only worsened asus eee pc 1101ha we opted for the higher-res p version.

Still, the HA’s six-cell battery is better concealed, and doesn’t protrude like those on the h and S At a reasonable price it offers sufficient mobile performance and is also attractively designed, if a little hard to keep clean.

The HA is essentially nothing more than 1101hs larger version of the Asus eee pc 1101ha with a larger screen and a few different parts inside the clamshell chassis. Be that as it may, the netbook is genuinely elegant, with its gleaming surfaces and its profile tapering at the front. It’s the same screen found in the Ah and the Gateway LT review efe shortlymaking this trio the only ones to ship with this rarity in the Asus eee pc 1101ha States.

Cinebench R10 Rendering Single 32Bit. You should therefore only use the program if you are aware of the risks and understand that it may invalidate your guarantee. This performance carried over into our everyday computing tasks; writing this review in Microsoft Word and streaming video from Asus eee pc 1101ha with multiple tabs open didn’t cause any system hang-ups.

While there was no room to put any ports on the front or back edges, the distribution of ports is otherwise practical for right- and left-handed people alike.

ASUS Eee PC 1101HA Review

The Best PC Games. Working with the notebook on your lap is therefore not a problem.

Unlike the Aspire One h, there are no spaces between the raised black matte keys, which are more akin to those on the IdeaPad S Battery is designed almost flush with the base. Small, but clearly visible status LED on the front edge.

Like its previous netbooks, it includes software that allows you to asus eee pc 1101ha the processor. With a highly reflective surface and low brightness levelsit is not recommended for outdoor use — which is a shame. At even greater angles you can also see some inversion of colours.

For the first time, the netbook pioneer has produced a larger WXGA screen, at Though less svelte than the inch-thick Eerthe HA has similar curved panels and a sharp look. Although the usable viewing angles along the horizontal axis are somewhat wider, asis have to deal with more disruptive asus eee pc 1101ha because of the flat angle. Of course, a processor can only get you so far; the HA, unfortunately, is restricted to 1GB of memory and Intel integrated graphics.