No, it is possible with asio4all to use multiple audio cards simultaneously but not with regular native asio drivers i. They make doing this kind of thing very easy. The time now is Seems that this is exactly what you need, and seems to work with all ASIO capable interfaces. Do you have the two audio interfaces clock-sync’d?

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But it lack Instrument input. This way I can get both my guitar audio and computer audio at the same time. It ain’t rocket science boys It is also really slow in updating settings. The developer died a alternqtive month ago and now it’s impossible to purchasse the full version.

Not sure how well it works, or if you can get it without getting Steinberg software. I’ve been using Guitar Rig 4 for a year or two, and it’s a fairly useful toy for a bedroom guitarist. They said they have always used aio4all drivers.

I don’t have money for an audio interface right now: None that I know of. I need one with high quality.

Is there an alternative to ASIO4All?

In the article Low latency audio on a Windows PC with the built-in soundcard I give the detail of all working and non-working solutions. Guitar Port works differently.

You can’t play another media application on your PC if you have asio as in the first answer. Sun Sep 05, But shouldn’t it be a solution in sonar for this?

Find More Posts by Vendetta V. Just have it plugged in, not use it.

Is there an alternative to ASIO4All? | Cakewalk Forums

Piracy is not tolerated. Currently in Armenia Posts: Its a pretty useful tool helps with practicing. Try switching your core audio drivers aletrnative to the guitar rig, so that all audio is sent through it. So what card do you recommend for this use? There are other ASIO multi-client drivers you can try, like this one: Log in or sign up in seconds.

Page 1 of 2. Sun Nov 19, 1: The best solution available is the one suggested by Rob’s answer. There’s a recorder and a player in guitar rig I use it all the time. When connected to my computer, it works fine, I get the modified audio via the headphone out. And it should be 2 of those.

Best ASIO4ALL Alternatives for Windows

Karen 5, 13 Alreay tried, But windows defender detected a virus. Great answers already… BTW, I couldn’t use the link to your webpage on your profile – are you altenative at johndunlapmusic. Sorry my windows 7 is in french, so, maybe the labels don’t match, but I’m sure you’ll manage to figure it out.