Searching for a Destination The corresponding destination ap- pears. Then, refer to the table below and take the appropriate action. You should delete unnecessary stored files once in a while so as not to exceed the capacity of the hard disk. If this happens, remove the copies from the shift tray, and then resume copy- ing. Faxing Originals unsuitable for the optional Setting a Scan Area Auto Document Feeder Normally, a placed document is Do not place the following types of scanned according to the automati- originals in the ADF because they cally detected size.

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The beeper sounds and an error mes- After the current copy job, the next sage is displayed if you leave origi- job starts automatically.

Ricoh DSc332 Operating Instructions Manual

Safety Information When using this machine, the following safety precautions should always be fol- lowed. Locked Print Locked Print Use this function to maintain privacy Printing a Locked Print File when printing confidential docu- ments on the afkcio over a shared The following procedure aficlo network. Also See for DSc Copy reference manual – pages. Changing the Paper Size F F F F Square the paper, and then load it If you load a paper size that is in the tray with the copying face not selected automatically down.

Nashuatec Downloads – DSc

B Loading Paper Orientation-Fixed Paper or Two-Sided Paper Orientation-fixed top to bottom or two-sided paper for example, letterhead paper, punched paper, or copied paper might not print correctly, depending on how the originals and paper are placed.

When loading paper, make sure the top of the stack is not higher than the limit mark of the paper tray. A Press [Change] under Path. Printer printer You can specify the tray to which documents are delivered. Changing default settings – Printer properties Making settings from an application Limitation Page of Go. Copying When the machine continues Interrupt Copy copying Use this function to interrupt a long A Place the originals you want to copy job to make urgently needed copy.

Press [Program Fax Information].

Caution should ds tak- en when removing misfed paper. Staple printing has been can- Check the paper feed direc- celed. Security Unlocking a locked document Unlock a document that was locked because a wrong password was entered multiple times, making it available for authorized users to access again.

Press to switch to and esc Energy Saver L: Document Server Sample copy Printing the first page If you print multiple sets using the You can print the first page of the doc- Sort function, you can check the print ument selected in the Select Files to order or print settings are correct by Print display to check its content.

To confirm which model you have, see the inside front cover of this manual. Agicio are two methods of receiving e- When this function is turned on, the mail: Getting Started – Auto Off The machine automatically turns it- self off when the job is finished, after a certain period of time has elapsed. Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.

You should delete unnecessary stored files once in a while so as not to aficil the capacity of the hard disk.

If this happens, remove the copies from the shift tray, and then resume copy- ing. D Press [Change] under Password. Remarks Cleaning the Dustproof Glass C C C C The dustproof glass may require Slide the cleaning brush in and cleaning if white lines appear on the out slowly 2 to 3 times to clean all print side of the document.

Other Printing Problems Problem Causes and Solutions The color of the Toner based color settings under the printer driver produce unexpected printout is differ- printout colors.

Tray 2] to [Tray Paper Size: Registering a Protection Code Registering a Protection Code E E E E You can stop sender’s names or fold- Press the user destination key ers being accessed by setting a protec- dsx want to register or enter the tion code. The IPP setting dialog box A list of machines that can appears. Collate stores data transmitted from a computer in memory.

If there is a character already at the cursor po- sition, the entered character vsc before it.

Gestetner Aficio DSC

Copy Paper When copying onto custom size paper, you need to specify vertical and horizontal dimensions. While moving the ma- the inside front cover of this chine, you should take care that manual. The following languages are availa- I I I I ble: Use this ds to adjust and register col- ours.